The Battle of Armageddon

Jesus Christ finishes destroying the beast (Antichrist) and his kingdom in the Battle of Armageddon. This is a war between the kings of the earth and their armies, and Jesus Christ and His army (Revelation 19:19). Antichrist and The False Prophet will be thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 19:20, Daniel 7:11, Dan 11:45, Daniel 8:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:8).


The rest of Antichrist’s armies will be slain with the sword (Revelation 19:21). Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling to all the nations (Zechariah 12:2-6, 14:12-15, Ezekiel 38:21, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10). The slaughter will be so great that birds and beasts will be gathered (Revelation 19:17-18, Ezekiel 39:17-20, Matthew 24:28, Luke 17:37).