Welcome to the Revised Word on End Times Website

Welcome to the revised version of The WORD on End Times website that was originally launched in 2012! If you have been here before you will notice several big changes because my perspective has changed.

Focus on Jesus Christ, not Antichrist

The original site had a dark background while this one has a light background. That’s because the focus is on Jesus Christ who is the light of the world! Antichrist will be a formidable person, but ultimately Jesus Christ and His followers are victorious over Antichrist (Revelation 19:20, 12:11, 15;2)! Antichrist establishes a kingdom that lasts a few years while Jesus Christ establishes an eternal Kingdom (Daniel 7:27)!

Focus on The Great Harvest, not the Great Tribulation

HeartYes, there will be great tribulation unlike any other in human history. But during that time a multitude of people that cannot be numbered will become followers of Jesus Christ (Revelation 7:9, 14)! That’s the heart of God in the midst of judgment! His desire is that none should perish (2 Peter 3:9), but all have eternal life (John 3:16). Where do you stand with Jesus Christ?

Signs and the Great Commission Fulfilled in One Generation

Jesus gave us many signs to look for that would tell us His return is near. I believe World War I is the first sign (Luke 21:9-10). The evidence shows that the other signs He gave us have come to pass especially since WWI. Jesus said that when the Gospel is proclaimed to all people groups then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). That is possible by 2026! Jesus said that all of this would happen in one generation (Matthew 24:34). A generation can live to be about 120 years old, so if WWI is the first sign then Jesus could return around 2034! That is exciting and should drive the way followers of Jesus Christ conduct their lives.


Until the end of the end times, we still live in time! Where possible I use timelines to show the chronological order of events that happen one after the other, or events that occur simultaneously during the same period of time. The end times is divided into 4 main time periods:

There is also historical background on the four beast kingdoms detailed in the Book of Daniel.

Easier Navigation

The old site had lots of short pages that have now been consolidated into a few longer pages. This makes navigating the site much easier.


In summary, the end times is when a sovereign God will fulfill His purposes (Isaiah 14:24) in His time (Acts 1:7) to establish His eternal kingdom (Daniel 7:27)! Jesus looked beyond the cross (Hebrews 12:2), and Peter told us to look for new heavens and a new earth (2 Peter 3:13)! So where are you looking and what is your perspective?